Pet Digital X-Rays


As a diagnostic tool, modern veterinary medicine relies on digital x-rays for pets as a method of examining your pet. While some people might think that pet x-rays are limited only to situations in which bones are involved, the versatility of this crucial diagnostics tool cannot be overlooked. The doctors and staff at Shackleford Road Vet Clinic are able to thoroughly examine many of your pet’s vital bodily systems. These include your pet’s abdomen, lungs, oral cavity, heart and other areas.

The Varied Uses of Pet X-Rays

Using digital x-rays for pets provides an effective method of both diagnosing and monitoring the treatment your pet receives. In addition to broken or fractured bones, digital x-rays can help a vet detect heart issues, tumors and obstructions within your pet’s body. They provide an invaluable tool that the staff at Shackleford Road Vet Clinic uses to monitor a number of different surgical and medical conditions.

Digital X-Rays for Pets Support Shackleford Road Vet Clinic’s Philosophy

At Shackleford Road Vet Clinic, they believe that providing access to high-quality diagnostic tools, such as pet x-rays, is a vital component in delivering an excellent standard of care to pets in Little Rock and the surrounding areas. This standard of care is best delivered by digital x-rays for pets which Shackleford Road Vet Clinic can deliver via their state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine.

Advantages of Using Digital Pet X-Rays

When compared to standard x-ray machines, a digital x-ray simply offers benefits that ensure a better experience for pets and their owners. It also provides veterinary staff with better diagnostic tools.

  • One of the primary advantages of using an advanced x-ray machine is the unparalleled range of medical conditions that can be diagnosed quickly and accurately when compared with the capabilities of a standard x-ray machine. First the staff of Shackleford Road Vet Clinic takes highly-detailed x-rays of your pet, manipulates them to focus the precise area in question and displays them on a computer screen so pet owners can easily grasp the situation at hand.
  • Another advantage of using the latest technologically-advanced digital x-rays for pets is that fewer images of your pet need to be taken. This means less time is spent on the x-ray table during a period of time when your pet is probably already feeling uncomfortable.
  • Because pet x-rays can be shared via email, the time spent obtaining a second opinion or a diagnosis from a specialist can be significantly reduced, leading to more prompt and better care for your pet.
  • Digital pet x-rays can be viewed in all of the treatment rooms at Shackleford Road Vet Clinic using tablets. This allows the doctors and staff to effectively diagnose and treat your pet.

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