SRVC Clenz-a-dent Treats

Care for your pet's teeth while giving them a special surprise with a treat from our full line of SRVC Clenz-a-dent items. 

Hill's Soft Baked Treats

All natural dog, soft baked and made with natural ingredients and without grains, these treats are a SRVC favorite!  

Hill's Prescription Diet Treats

At SRVC, we stock a wide variety of treats that support your pet's special diet. Whether your pet need's extra care for metabolism, allergies, or heart health, we have you covered.

Hill's Healthy Advantage Food 

At SRVC, we stock a wide variety of food that support your pet's diet. Hill's Healthy Advantage is one option for your pet that is nutritious and supports a healthy life.

SRVC Keto Tris Ear Care Line

We have a full line-up of products that are anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to keep your pet's ears clean and healthy.

SRVC Shampoo

SRVC's specially formulated shampoos, help with common skin conditions and keep those coats looking and feeling lush!

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