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Preparing for a Puppy

Bringing a new puppy into the house is an exciting time for any family. Before your newest family member comes home it is important to be prepared for your pup.  As a leading Little Rock veterinarian, Shackleford Road Veterinary wants the best for you and your furry companions.  To ease the process of welcoming a pet, we have created this helpful guide.  Here are some tips on preparing your home and life for a puppy.

Consider Visiting Local Shelters for Adopting

If you are still in the process of finding the perfect little pup for your home, we always recommend visiting local shelters for adoption before researching other avenues.

Many adopted puppies make amazing family pets.  Adopting from a shelter means gaining access to information on the pup and how they were raised so far.  This gives you great insight into:

  • Behavior
  • Training
  • Personality
  • Medical history
  • Likes
  • Dislikes

Many shelters and Little Rock animal hospitals have a lineup of critters waiting for a forever family to love them.  One of our favorite shelters in the Little Rock area is the Humane Society of Pulaski County.

Puppy Proof Everything!

Puppies are curious creatures, which means they are likely to get into just about everything within reach. Before bringing home your precious little bundle of fur, be sure to:

  • Pick up small chewable objects
  • Hide power cords
  • Sweep up any food which could get your puppy sick
  • Create a safe space for your pup to sleep
  • Consider pet or baby gates to keep your puppy away from stairs

Be prepared to have things chewed, knocked over, and jumped on.  Your puppy will want to explore its new home, so be patient, and make sure the space is safe to play in.  

Get Ready: Buy Supplies

Puppies need lots of love, but they also need some supplies to ensure they lead a happy and healthy life. Some of the most important supplies pet owners should purchase early are:

  • Leash – It is essential to have a leash to give your pup the outdoor exercise they need.
  • Collar – A collar keeps your pup’s tags in place, to create a point of contact if he or she gets lost.
  • Bed – Every pup needs a space to call its own, and a pet bed is just that spot.
  • Crate – Not every owner chooses to crate their pets, but it is helpful if you want your pup to have a space for themselves, especially if you plan to leave your pet home alone.
  • Brush – Puppies need to be groomed regularly to avoid matts and knots.
  • Shampoo – Puppies shouldn’t use human shampoo as Ph levels in their skin is different than ours.
  • Food – The food you choose for a new puppy is important. It should be designed with puppies in mind and include all the nutrients and vitamins a dog needs to grow.  At SRVC we have a full lineup to create the healthiest diet.
  • Treats – Treats are ideal for training and rewarding.
  • Toys – No puppy home is complete without toys to play with.
  • Harness – A harness takes the pressure off your pup’s neck when you attach a leash for walking.

If you’re unsure what you need for your new pet, contact a Little Rock veterinarian.  At SRVC, we can help you create a checklist of supplies.

Visiting a Vet for Pet Care

Part of being a good pet owner is ensuring your puppy gets all the medical attention they need, especially early on.  This includes consulting a professional veterinarian for shots and an initial health checkup.  Puppies, like human babies, need protection from infection and illness.  Vaccinations and other medication keep a young dog from getting sick later.

If you’re searching for a vet for dogs or your new pet in Little Rock, AR, we invite you to contact Shackleford Road Veterinary at 501-224-6998 and become a New Patient!

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