Vets and staff letting the cat out of her cage to prepare for vaccination - SRVC

Microchipping Little Rock’s Pets

On August 30 Dr. Brian Barron and the Staff of SRVC spent the day microchipping pets from Little Rock and across Central Arkansas at the Bass Pro Shops in Little Rock.  We’re able to do this event a couple of times per year thanks to our partners at Bass Pro Shops and at Friends of the Animal Village.

We microchipped over 100 pets during this event.

Also helped Friends of the Animal Village promote Pet Adoption.

Microchipping is an important part of responsible pet ownership.  With microchips SRVC and other Little Rock Veterinarians and Veterinarians across the country would be able to reunite you and your loved ones were they ever lost.  To learn more about microchipping read on our site or schedule an appointment today!



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