SRVC vets and staff demonstrating how CPR is done

CPR Training

We want all our visitors (furry or not) to be safe while at our clinic. Recently, we brought Dr. Karen Konarski-Hart in to update our staff about what to do if a guest requires CPR. The staff attended three-hour large group training in our clinic after hours. All of our vets and vet techs were […]

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Dr. Brian with his dog during a pet show

Paws on the Runway

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to sponsor this year’s Paws on the Runway, a canine fashion show put on by CARE Inc. The annual event draws hundreds of people each year for food, drinks, a silent auction, live music and a hilarious canine fashion show. CARE also brings in adoptable dogs […]

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Pet holding a tennis ball in his mouth - SRVC

CPR for Your Dogs from Your Little Rock Veterinarian

If your dog becomes unconscious, respiratory arrest may occur, and usually occurs before cardiac arrest.  The heart my continue to beat for several minutes after the breathing stops.  Artificial respiration, or rescue breathing, must begin immediately to save your dog’s life.  If the heart stops, chest compressions must be given right away to keep the […]

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Children during SRVC event

Dr. Charney & the Next Generation of Veterinarians!

Recently Dr. Charney made a “house call” to The Anthony School in Little Rock to help some budding young veterinarians learn some important skills including how to take a dog’s heartbeat.  All these Pre-K 3 students did a great job and we can’t wait until they join us a some of Little Rock’s best veterinarians!  You can […]

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Catholic High School for Boys logo

Running and Golfing for Little Rock Catholic High!

2 Great Upcoming Events! Our favorite Little Rock Veterinarian Dr. Brian Barron is a 3rd generation graduate of Little Rock Catholic High School and as a proud alumnus we love our connection to LRCHS and enjoy our opportunities to support this great institution. Shackleford Road Veterinary Clinic is sponsoring 2 upcoming events – and we’d love […]

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Pet owners with their dogs to get them vaccinated - SRVC

Little Rock Veterinarians Microchip Over 400 Pets in 2 Days!

In early March Dr. Barron, Dr. Charney and our wonderful staff spent 2 days at Bass Pro Shops in Little Rock as part of the Little Rock Animal Village’s microchip program.  Neither rain nor, well, rain and more rain kept us from microchipping over 400 pets across two days! We love being a part of this program […]

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Vets and staff letting the cat out of her cage to prepare for vaccination - SRVC

Microchipping Little Rock’s Pets

On August 30 Dr. Brian Barron and the Staff of SRVC spent the day microchipping pets from Little Rock and across Central Arkansas at the Bass Pro Shops in Little Rock.  We’re able to do this event a couple of times per year thanks to our partners at Bass Pro Shops and at Friends of the […]

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A vet holding a dog and cat - SRVC

Questions to ask your Veterinarian for your Youngest Pets: Puppies, Junior (0-2 yrs)

Successful relationships with your Veterinarian and their staff are an important part of your pet’s overall health.  For your youngest pets the questions below are a good first step to making sure that you and your Vet are in agreement with your pet’s care: When should I get my puppy spayed/neutered What and how often […]

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Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian – Adult Pets (3-6 years old)

As your pet ages, the issues that you need to discuss with your Veterinarian to ensure the best care change.  For your adult pets questions you should ask include: Is my dog at the right weight? Is it time for a dental cleaning? What vaccinations does my dog need? What can I do to keep […]

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Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian – Senior Pets (7+yrs)

The best way to help ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life is to stay engaged with your Veterinarian and know the answers to questions including: Should I change or supplement my pet’s diet? Are there things I can do to keep my pet in better physical shape? By continuing to monitor and […]

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