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Tips for Emergency Vet Care in Little Rock

We all love our pets and do everything we can to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Unfortunately, sometimes emergencies do happen. It can be difficult for pet parents to know when to take their furry friends to the vet and which vet to go to, especially when it’s after hours or on the weekend.  […]

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Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks Season

Your pet has acute hearing. Loud bangs can cause a great deal of pain to their ears. By following these simple guidelines from Little Rock veterinarians, you can help keep your pet calm and safe. Little Rock Veterinarian Tips for Keeping Small Pets Safe During Fireworks If you have small pets, such as rabbits and […]

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7 Common Things that Lead to Accidental Poisoning in Pets

We all want our pets to live long happy and healthy lives, but unfortunately, there are several things in our homes that can lead to accidental poisoning in our pets. Awareness is the key to preventing accidental poisoning emergencies.  What may be good for humans may not always be good for your animals when it comes […]

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Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Pet

Insurance for pets is an often-overlooked benefit, but it’s exactly the backup you need when your pet requires costly medical treatment. Choosing the best pet insurance for your beloved pet can be a challenge, but here is some information to make your decision easier. Which Route Should You Take? When determining the best way to […]

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Dog has allergies

8 Ways to Keep Pesky Fleas and Ticks Away From Your Pets

If you’ve been in Arkansas for a summer, you know that with the arrival of warm, humid weather some other “friends” also arrive.  While summer means sunshine and cookouts, it also brings bothersome fleas and ticks attaching themselves to your beloved pet. May has been National Dog Month so it’s a great time to think about how […]

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10 Practical Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe from Fire

With summer coming and vacations, activities and the constant hum of everyday life kicking in it is often easy to overlook some important safety aspects in your home.  Here at Shackleford Road Veterinary Clinic in Little Rock, we know that your pet is part of your family. Naturally you want to keep them as safe […]

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CPR for Your Dogs from Your Little Rock Veterinarian

If your dog becomes unconscious, respiratory arrest may occur, and usually occurs before cardiac arrest.  The heart my continue to beat for several minutes after the breathing stops.  Artificial respiration, or rescue breathing, must begin immediately to save your dog’s life.  If the heart stops, chest compressions must be given right away to keep the […]

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