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Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks Season

Your pet has acute hearing. Loud bangs can cause a great deal of pain to their ears. By following these simple guidelines from Little Rock veterinarians, you can help keep your pet calm and safe.

Little Rock Veterinarian Tips for Keeping Small Pets Safe During Fireworks

  • If you have small pets, such as rabbits and birds, make sure you place their cages or hutches indoors in a quiet room, shed or garage.
  • Provide extra bedding for your pet so it feels snuggly and safe.
  • If you’re unable to bring your pet’s cage or hutch inside, turn the enclosure around to face a fence or wall instead of an open gate.
  • Cover hutches and aviaries with thicker blankets or even a duvet to help block out the sight of the fireworks and dim the sound of the bangs. Remember to leave enough ventilation.

How to Keep Cats and Dogs Safe During Fireworks from Little Rock Veterinarians

If you have dogs and cats, follow these easy tips from your Little Rock veterinarians:

  • Always keep your cats and dogs indoors when you hear fireworks going off.
  • Ensure that you walk your dog earlier in the day before the fireworks will be going off.
  • Close all your doors and windows and block off cat and dog flaps to stop your pets escaping to keep the noise out. Draw all the curtains and if your animals are used to the sound of a radio or TV, switch them on and keep them at their usual noise level to block out some of the fireworks.
  • We suggest that owners ensure their dogs are wearing some sort of identification that is easy to read, even while they are in the house. At the very least they should have a tag and collar.
  • Consider microchipping your pets so if they do get out, you have a better chance of being reunited with them.
  • Prepare a safety den for your pet where they will be comfortable. This could be under a bed with old clothes.
  • Allow your pet to pace and whine if they need to.
  • Try to remain calm and carry on as you normally would. Give your cats and dogs plenty of praise for their calm behavior. It is fine to pat your pet if it helps them to calm down, but if they would rather hide in a cupboard or under the bed, allow them do so.
  • If you know there are going to be fireworks, we advise that you don’t leave your pets alone.
  • Do not tie your dog up when fireworks are being let off nearby. This means either outside the house, outside a shop while you pop in or even in the car.
  • Please try not to take your pet along to a fireworks display. If they don’t typically whimper or bark at the noise, it doesn’t mean they will not be stressed. Excessive yawning and panting can also indicate that your dog is stressed.

If you would like to discuss further methods for keeping your pets calm during fireworks, contact Shackleford Road Veterinary Clinic today.

Also, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has published some helpful tips.

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