Getting your pet microchipped - Why take the risk?

National Microchipping Month

This month is National Microchipping Month! All through June, we are offering microchipping for your pet for only $50, including membership with HomeAgain, an international pet registry and microchip provider.

Statistics from pet shelters show that one in three pets will get lost or separated from its family at some point in its life. Microchips increase the likelihood of your pet being found and returned to you after it gets lost. Only 22 percent of dogs brought to shelters are ever returned to their owners, but out of the dogs that have microchips, 52 percent are reunited with their families!

It only takes a few steps to retrieve your pet with HomeAgain. Here’s how it works: once your pet is lost, call HomeAgain’s 1-800 number to report your missing pet. HomeAgain will issue a lost pet report to all the vet clinics and animal shelters in your area. Once a vet or shelter finds your pet, HomeAgain will receive your contact information and call you with the good news!

Microchipping your pet is an easy procedure that requires no anesthesia.

Microchips are permanent IDs for your dogs and cats; much more permanent than collar tags. Here are some fast facts about microchipping with HomeAgain:

  • Microchipping is easy, inexpensive, and safe for your pet
  • A microchip can’t fall off, expire, or be removed
  • Microchipping is a one-time procedure with life-long security for your pet
  • Most vets, shelters, and clinics in  the United States have scanners to read microchips

If you come in to our clinic during the month of June, you can get a microchip for your pet for $50, which is over 10% off, including registration and a membership with HomeAgain. Microchipping your pet is a simple step you can take to save yourself and your family from the heartbreak of losing a loved family pet!

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