Microchipping Pets

Easy and Reliable

Hear one of our clients share how fast and easy it is to have Dr. Barron microchip your pets! Make an appointment at our Little Rock animal clinic by filling out an appointment request form here or by calling us at (501) 224-6998.

Dog microchipping near meIt’s a heartbreaking fact, but thousands of beloved pets just like yours go missing every year. Even more disheartening is the fact that many of them don’t make it home again.

Collars, Tags and Your Pet

Many pets don’t wear tags or collars. There are several valid reasons for this such as a pet being kept exclusively indoors, not being able to keep their collar on or being allergic to the collar. Even a pet that tolerates wearing a collar can have it break and unexpectedly fall off while they’re outside. Another common scenario occurs when their tags become loose, damaged or unreadable. This means that your pet might not be identified which could delay his or her return to you or prevent it from happening at all.

Microchipping Pets in Little Rock

Microchipping provides a safe and reliable form of identification that works for pets of all types. Unlike other forms of identification, a microchip can’t get stolen, lost or damaged. SRVC inserts a microchip—which is about the size of a grain of rice and contains unique and vital information about your pet—under the skin between the shoulder blades. Safe and quick, this procedure takes only a few minutes here at our office.

Microchipping Pets: Understanding the Process

Having the microchip placed in your pet is only the first step when it comes to protecting them. Once the microchip is in your pet, you need to fill out the registration form that we give you. Once that registration process is completed, your pet’s information is entered into a database devoted solely to recovering pets across the nation. Veterinary hospitals, animal control offices and animal shelters throughout the country are equipped with specially designed electronic scanners. These scanners can detect the microchip in your pet and read the identification number associated with him or her.

What Happens When a Microchipped Pet is Found?

When a pet is found, the toll-free number to the pet recovery database is notified. They will then contact you so that you can be reunited with your beloved pet. Pets of all ages can be microchipped. Doing so provides a layer of safety and protection that you just can’t get from a traditional collar and tags. Contact us here at SRVC and learn how microchipping your pet is the best choice for both of you.

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