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As one of the leading veterinary clinics in Little Rock and across Central Arkansas, we strive to keep you informed of the most updated information to help you care for your pets. Below you will find a series of links to other sites that also provide useful information to help you keep your pets healthy.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 70 million pet dogs and 74 million pet cats live in the United States right now, to say nothing of the 8.3 million pet birds and 4.9 million domesticated horses. That means there will be many pets that require veterinary care, and the AVMA is an organization that serves as a voice for all sorts of different veterinarians providing precisely that.

The American Animal Hospital Association is another organization that does a lot of good for pets. All of those millions of animals need high-quality veterinary care, which is what the AVMA wants to provide through their website. The site presents articles for everyone from veterinary professionals to everyday pet owners and is a great source of information on care for healthy animals.

Part of keeping pets healthy is feeding them a nutritious, balanced diet, and CatInfo is a good resource to walk owners through the process of building the best diet for felines. While many cat lovers are content to pick up whatever bag of cat food is cheapest at the grocery store, there is a whole lot more to the science of keeping a cat healthy and happy, which CatInfo does an excellent job of explaining in great detail.

If WebMD is the perfect online diagnosis tool for humans, VetInfo offers just as much fantastic medical information for pets. They provide too many informational articles about cats and dogs to count, with topics ranging from behavior to vaccines to dental hygiene, which is why this free resource is fantastic for keeping pet owners informed about their animals.

If you are looking to add a new member to your family, Central Arkansas is home to some fantastic animal rescue organizations to help you find the right dog or cat for you, including Friends of the Animal VillageRock City Rescue, CARE for Animals, Human Society of Pulaski County and North Little Rock Animal Shelter.

These resources should help keep you informed about the best ways to care for your pets. They all are fantastic, but if you ever need to speak with a human about something specific, do not hesitate to reach out to someone here at Shackleford Road Veterinary Clinic any time!

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