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Best Gadgets for Pets and Pet Parents

As technology advances and inventors get more creative, new devices aimed at making pet life more enjoyable keep hitting the market!  At Shackleford Road Veterinary Clinic, we love to spoil our pets with fun toys and things that make our pet’s lives more enjoyable.  We’ve rounded up some of the new eye-catching items – if you add any of them to your household, we’d love your review!


Cheerble Wicked Ball is a motorized toy ball that is interactive, automatic, and both cat and dog friendly.  It claims to be a boredom buster with pets and allows you the pet parent to know your pet is happily entertained while you are away.  The rechargeable toys come equipped with a snack hole and are machine washable.  You can customize your Cheerble ball depending on your pet’s style too!

Furbo Dog Camera

Pet’s often suffer from separation anxiety from their owners, but if you are the one struggling the most, you may need a Furbo Dog Camera.  The Furbo is a fully interactive camera and video system that allows you to check in on your pet at home with an easy-to-use app on your smartphone.  The Furbo camera is full HD and has two-way audio which allows you to hear your pet as well as chat to him or her through the device.  If your pet is having a bad day, you can cheer them up with a treat because the Furbo is equipped with technology that allows you to toss a treat out at the click of a button.  Talk about sweet!

All for Paws Cooling Collar

We have to keep our pet’s comfort and safety in mind as the temps climb this spring and into summer.  One brand we love is All for Paws because they have a full lineup of items aimed at keeping your pets cool.  With cooling toys, bowls, collars, and beds, your pet will definitely find something that keeps them comfortable in our Arkansas heat and humidity.  Our must-have item from this brand is definitely the cooling collar.  It comes in three sizes to ensure a good fit!


Cat litter is typically pretty basic at baseline.  The new company PrettyLitter is changing the name of the game with its revolutionary kitty litter, PrettyLitter, which is up to 80% lighter than its competitors.  The special silica formulation allows the litter to be much more absorbent while lasting much longer and using less product.  The company claims that just one scoop of their litter has the surface area to cover an entire football field and it also has some health benefits for your kitties!  The litter helps you keep tabs on your cat’s health, with color-changing technology that can alert you of potential health scares like UTIs or bladder infections.


Do you have any favorite pet products you don’t see on the list?  Let us know your family must-haves!

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