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How to Pay for Veterinary Care

When unexpected illness or injury strikes a pet, unexpected expense does too. SRVC understands that. While we do not bill or allow payment plans, there are several ways to help manage your charges.

Thinking about it ahead of time and preparing can go a long way.

The following are a few options that can help lessen the financial strain.

Pet Assure: Veterinary Discount Plan

SRVC gladly accepts Pet Assure, which grants owners a 25% discount on in-house medical services at the time of checkout. Pet Assure can be thought of as an alternative to Pet Insurance, but it is important to compare both before enrolling in either. We are always happy to discuss either option with you.

Pet Insurance

For many pet owners, pet insurance is the most practical and affordable way to have peace of mind when it comes to managing pet care costs. Paying a small monthly fee will keep you from worrying about the “what ifs” and unexpected illnesses and injuries that may happen to anyone’s pet.

Like most insurance, monthly premiums vary depending on certain factors but most policies range from $30 – $50 monthly.

There are two general types of policies. The first is traditional coverage, which is similar to personal healthcare insurance. This typically is a lifetime coverage and has a maximum annual payout. You’ll pay a premium and deductible and will cover only a portion of vet bills.

There’s also emergency or accident coverage, which typically only covers unexpected costs but not care related to ongoing illnesses or general check-ups.

With pet insurance, the pet owner pays for services at the time of delivery, then files a claim for reimbursement per the terms of their policy. SRVC gladly provides any necessary information to the insurance company to help with your claim.

CareCredit Can Help You Afford Pet Care

While SRVC does not offer payment plans, we do support a financing option.

SRVC can help you arrange an account with CareCredit via an iPad while in our office.

CareCredit is essentially a credit card that’s specifically set up to be used at health offices, including veterinary hospitals and clinics, throughout the U.S. Once you have approval, you can use it for a variety of health care needs. This arrangement makes it easier for you to manage your payments in a way that works for you. You can apply at our clinic on our iPad or you can apply directly on CareCredit’s site at your own convenience.

Special Offer: CareCredit is currently offering a free Fitbit for new customers who use their card for a $200.00 purchase before December 31, 2018, so go check them out!

How to Choose the Right Type of Coverage

As you go about choosing your options, you’ll want to bear in mind what your budget can best handle, but also what your needs might be. Cheaper insurance packages probably will have smaller limits, so read the fine print when deciding to buy particular packages.

Keep in mind that breeding pets are generally “worth” more and therefore are more expensive to insure. And, just like humans, the younger your animal is, the more likely you are to get good coverage.  

When it comes to caring for your favorite furry friends, you don’t want to take any risks or be stuck with a massive bill that you can’t handle. That’s why our Little Rock office suggests that you take a look at the different payment options available when it comes to pet care.

Want to learn more about how to best care for your pet and pay for vet services? Schedule an appointment with us today.

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